Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am in bed

I am in bed, with my laptop, listening to music. I just had my breakfast brought to me in bed by my nine year old son Cameron. Apparently he had this planned out for quite some time. I took a few photos, and I will attach when I am OUT of bed. I had peanut butter toast, a glass of water. And oh, you should see the flowers. Right from our garden. He is going to make somebody VERY happy one day. 

Wonderful. Happy Mothers Day!

Cathy xo


The Hoegler Family said...

Ahh Cameron, you are such a great son!

Happy mothers day to you too Cathy. You are my hero!

Love, Hege

jamiedelaine said...

THAT IS SO CUTE! My brother has never even bought my mother a card. Ever. I used to buy them, now I don't and she just gets a hug. LAME. Not been taught very well. Ohhh how sweet. :) Enjoy the day!

Anita said...

awwe very sweet! I'm sure he will make some young lady very happy one day!:)

Alyson said...

It REALLY does not take much to make us moms happy. I wish all the commercials would go away.
we don't need anything that costs money. I always thought mom's had to SAY wrong I was ;)

Cathy said...

Thank you everybody!

And yes Alyson, you are totally right!!

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