Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Caroline Mae

Almost three. Your last day as a two year old.

About one year ago.

About a year ago.


We have made it through another year of the twos. That means we only have one year of twos left with your baby sister Courtney.

You are loud, you smile huge. You like to wear pigtails now that you have some hair. Cleaning up is is something you really like to do. You know what you want, and when you want it.

You wanted a yellow cake and a teddy bear. You had both.

You are still is diapers (and in fact you are the only sib that has gone to age three in a diaper) you want to wear undies, but you still want to be little. We get that.

You have a hearty laugh, you want to walk to school, and soon you will. You are doing so well with your walking.

I love how you take care of your sister Courtney, and how you have taken easily to being the 'big sister' at your small age. You help unload the dishwasher, you know where to put the cutlery, you also know how to count to almost 20. You also share so well.

We also love how well you sleep in your big girl bed. How you get yourself dressed in the morning! 

And how you want to read, and request *two books* and we love how you walk around the house with my old purse.

We love you so much Caroline Mae. You keep doing what you do. You bring us so much laughter in our home. 

You have added so much sunshine into our Spring. You, who was born in my very favourite season, and favourite month.

We cannot wait to see how much you learn and grow this year!


Mommy xo

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Anonymous said...

Looking at these photos and the ones that your Mom has posted I think Caroline looks like Drew Barrymore! She's a beautiful (as all are your kids) little (getting big) girl!
Love to you all. Andrea xo