Friday, May 22, 2009


I will be away for two nights. So not much blogging will be going on. 

Going on a much needed two night quick get-away to the OK with my husband. 


Cathy xo

P.S. A HUGE HUGE TRIPLE huge thank you to my Sister Amy, and Tyler (and K) for coming over here to watch all of our kids for two nights. SO special. xoxoox

P.P.S. Happy Anniversary to April and Nick xoxoxo

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Alyson said...

got to love 2 day getaways with husbands!! Always nice to refresh and remember that you are not only adults, but a couple.

Thanks for the STarbucks card!! LOVE IT! and decaf ;)

And yes...someday it would be awesome to get together. you can show me how to use my camera!
and we could go for a run.
If I ever come visit my brother in Surrey than for sure!!