Sunday, May 03, 2009

my favourite things

A few from today. I took the time to do some photography just for me. This was the morning I was to run my 42.2 km. But my body let me know about a month ago, that I would not be running. So, for over a month I really have done nothing for myself. I needed a few moments to reflect on really just how far I had actually run before I got hurt. 32 km and it felt great. I know that next 10 km I will get to run. I am hoping in October. 
I am renaming October...

I will run my marathon a few months later than I had hoped and planned for. I am going to rock my race in October.

 I LOVE love love the cherry blossoms, and the spring colours. It was a nice few minutes away. It goes to show you can find beauty a few minutes walk from your home. And find joy in other ways and places.


Sarah said...

Beautiful! So delicate! I'm inspired!!

Michelle said...

So Beautiful Cathy.I must try for that effect with my camera.I'm close but need to get closer.Oh and you will Rock October!!!

Alyson said...

love the pics. Can't wait for them to bloom here.
My husband just planted a cherry blossom on our front lawn for me!! yay!!
and yes. someday you WILL rock the marathon. I have no doubt about that. Hey...what was the diagnosis on you knee anyway??

Cathy said...

Thanks so much!

@Alyson I think that is great you will have a cherry blossom tree there! To watch it bloom and grow each year. SO beautiful.

And yes, I will rock the marathon. Just not on my timing! The diagnosis on my knee was IT band.

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Gorgeous shots and I am uber jealous that you have spring blossoms already.. we are just starting to get green grass and a few buds on the trees that are little green nubs on brown branches LOL !!