Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Odd's n Ends

Four cakes for the Fun night at school a couple of weeks ago now. Each of the kids helped with a cake. Sorry the photo is sideways. Baking with six kids is challenging, so I am happy that they worked out. I hope they tasted good.
OK, this is from Mothers Day. I was served breakfast in bed by my son Cameron. All his own idea. He set his alarm for early in the morning. Cliff said he had his alarm set for 3:30 a.m. and he was going to clean the house for me. This is what I woke up to. You see the paper clip and thread, I was asked to pull the cord...

I pulled the cord, and around popped this note...

Cute huh! He used the label of the thread as the pull tab. 

See the artistry...this was on the corner of my tray. I think he is going to make some woman VERY happy. Cliff has never served me breakfast in bed before! Well, actually he has served me crackers...when I had morning sickness LOL. 

A Carlyflower from my Carly. She said she found it on the side of the road...sweet girl. I love her gifts. She likes to bring me flowers.

Cameron and I went out taking photos on the weekend. His camera was broken, so he used my camera phone. Here I am, photographing the beautiful cherry blossoms. Some of which you can see if you scroll down a post or two to see my end results. We had a great time together. So fun to see his passions developing at nine years of age.

More photos to come from Minter Gardens. I spent the day on Sunday with my MIL, Cliff the kids. In their fancy sundresses. It was great. Afterwards we left the kids with Mom-in-Law and popped over to my parents to give a card and gift to my Mom. We had a tea, and some cookies. Then, some grocery shopping. 

Fabulous day. I need to get the photos off of my card still. 

Oh, and last night I went running. I ran in a DOWN pour. It was the most beautiful run. I hope I am on the mend. 

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Michelle said...

He is so sweet :) I think Cameron will make someone very happy.He did a great job on the photo.