Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day One | Penticton, B.C. Canada | C+C Weekend Getaway

Cliff and I smelled these flowers, and they brought us back to our childhood. 
That is always a nice feeling. Fond memories.

And the LILACS. There were lilacs EVERYWHERE. Huge gigantic trees of them. Every colour. The smells were amazing. And so beautiful.

We could have stayed here, in our very own lakeside private cottage on the private beach for $200 a night. Beautiful huh! Next time maybe. This was directly across from the historic hotel. 

Cliff took this of me on the historic steps of the hotel. 

The ride, and my hubby rocking out to some tunes. Behind the car is the 1912 historic Kaleden Hotel. 

The only photo of us together. Too bad it is a blurry oh well. 

We hit the road, after dinner on Friday night. We hit the Dairy Queen in Hope, B.C. and then drove the rest of the night until we reached the Ramada hotel in Penticton. It was about 10:20 p.m. when we got there. We got our hotel room, and soaked the night away with a bottle of local wine and some chocolates. And then to bed.

We arose on Saturday after a big sleep in of 8:00 a.m. wake up call, and a continental breakfast "in bed" delivered at 8:30 a.m. but we ate it on the deck. The morning was absolutely beautiful. So hot and sunny. By 9:30 a.m. we were showered and ready to hit the sights of Penticton. We drove all around, sunroof open. Local radio station playing. It didn't take us long to drive through, as it is not a very big town. We saw the Penticton river channel where you can float down the channel in inner tubes and floaties in the hot summer sun! We though that would be fun to do when the kids get a bit older! IT is a man made channel. So we decided to drive to Kaleden. It was 15 minutes outside of Penticton. A little bedroom town, not very populated, one small elementary school. And lots of hills. We were glad we had a small car, and not the 12 passenger van! Much easier to get around. The photos above were taken here. I sat on the same steps as those girls in the pdf. Pretty neat story behind the hotel. 

We also hit up Tickleberry's, which was another 15 minute drive past Kaleden. It was darn good. I had cherry cheese cake, and mint chocolate chip. Cliff had three other different scoops. DELISH. We drove around, we found some second hand windows at a garage sale. We got two heritage windows for $15. They are for the playhouse here at home.

And then we went to the pub for a late lunch. After lunch we went to Naramata. *Beautiful there, but I still have to work on the photos. We also climbed up to see the big *PENTICTON* on the side of the Munson Mountain. Just scroll down through the images, and you will see the letters sort of Hollywood-ish sign. I have some photos, and I will post them on the next blog. I got scared. I never get scared! It was too high up for me. I will do it on the next blog* Then for dinner, we ended up at the White Spot, a Canadian classic, and really how Cliff and I met each other. (At the Richmond White Spot.) So we usually go there when we can. It brings back great memories of when we met.  I had a chicken burger, a glass of wine. Cliff had some REALLY hot Indian dish, and naan bread. Then, we went back to the hotel, and walked off our dinner, as we were VERY full. A hand in hand walk along the lake shore. And then after that, a walk to Tim Hortons for a donut each. Then the hot tub, and some Pink. And then to bed. 

I will blog about Sunday hopefully this week. Some neat stories, and photos to share.


Anonymous said...

Sounds SOOOO nice and relaxing and fun... all at the same time. (I'm envious!) Great post. Thanks for all the info! Looking forward to hearing about your Sunday!
Andrea xo

Sarah said...

Sounds like such a romantic getaway. I love the lilac pictures and the hotel ones! Awesome stuff!

jamiedelaine said...

Sounds like a sweet romantic time!! :)

Donna said...

Did you eat at the KVR? That is one of my FAVORITE places in Penticton!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! YAY!

Cathy said...


Do you mean the Pub at the Ramada? Then YES! I loved it!


And it was a wonderful weekend! I wish I was going back tonight ;D

Donna said...

My mom used to live right behind where the Ramada is, right beside the little golf course, and we would got to that pub all the time. Lyle and I stayed in one of those suites just like yours!! Long ago, in the days before kids...