Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Late afternoon Day One and Day Two | Penticton, B.C. Canada | C+C Weekend Getaway

Just to let you know, the photos go from bottom to top. Sorry about that! The rest of our mini get-away to Penticton, B.C. 

(P.S. you can click on the photos to enlarge their size)

Me standing in front of the big peach aka big huge concession stand in Penticton at the beach. And this was my *ahem* hiking outfit later in Naramata!

Perspective on just how huge this thing is! You can see it for miles away!! I just think it was so cool. You can see the car off in the distance. Behind there, were the AMAZING homes that were facing the lake front. BEAUTIFUL.

Of course, we had to hit up the Starbucks. I think there were atleast three in Penticton, that we counted anyways. This one had just opened, and was within walking distance to our hotel. Everything is happier in Penticton. They even drizzle the caramel on as a happy face :D (This was Cliff's drink)

Flowers that were growing in abundance on the mountain sides. These were near the big P E N T I C T O N sign, at the bottom of the hill.

OK, you see that white stuff on the side of the mountain. That is the edge of the big N. I wanted to sit on the top of it. But I got too scared. It was steep and I was in a skirt, wearing flip flops and had my good camera. I chose no. Well actually FEAR chose no. 

This is looking down. You can see just how large the N is!! HUGE!

Looking towards the city of Penticton

This rock caught my attention, as did the beautiful blue sky and white clouds!

These fruit crates were all over Naramata. So beautiful in red, contrasting the brilliant blue sky. 

A sign in an orchard. We THINK an apple orchard. I am so not a fruit grower. But I love how it grows, and how it tastes. 

Backtracking a bit to Saturday afternoon. We also found the big PEACH on the beach of the City of Penticton. It is actually a peach-shaped concession stand. We thought it was really unique and cool. It certainly could not be missed. We also saw this. But I didn't take any photos. 

We then decided to get out of the city, because there was a Children's Festival going on. So we decided to go to Naramata. It was our absolute favourite part of Pentiction. I believe there are about 22 wineries there. So beautiful to see! And a beautiful drive, and up so high, able to look down on the lake. Gorgeous. A feast for the eyes and the senses that is for sure. 

Sunday  morning, day two, and also our final day I actually got up around 7 a.m. (anxious to get a move on and get back home to see my kids!) and got ready while Cliff slept in until 8:30. I had most of the bags packed up, and Cliff showered and we gathered our bags, and checked out. We decided that we would hit the drive thru at Tim Hortons for a BELT, a coffee and a two cookies. We got that, drove to the beach and ate at the beach. Our BELT's were only BE's LOL. They left of the LT part. We enjoyed it anyways. It was another gorgeous day. We finished up, looked at the beautiful waterfront homes (reminded us of the beautiful Vancouver homes) and started our journey towards Oliver, B.C. aka as Canada's Wine Country or the Golden Mile. We drove around, we headed up around through the residential, the main road. We drove up to Cliff's favourite golf course there. Cliff told me he golfed there a couple of times with his Dad. So, some nice memories for him. I am glad he has those.

We then decided, to head to Osoyoos. Desert wine country. Yes I said desert. Sage brush and everything! A very awesome hot climate. Osoyoos is our VERY favourite spot in the Okanagan. MANY childhood memories of Haynes Point Provincial campground. A very unique campground that juts out into the middle of the lake. A beautiful warm lake.  And of course a couple of family trips there in the last 11 years. So, we parked on Main Street. Looked at the real estate. Had a few dreams of just staying there. We then drove to the motel we will be staying at in August with our kids. Looks good! We cannot wait! Then, we grabbed some fast food and drove home. I took lots of photos of fruit stand signs. I just love them. And we had a couple of stops for gas, and also snacks a long the way. A quick stop in Manning Park for a rest stop, and home. 

A great weekend away. We are thankful to my Sister Amy, and Tyler and K for helping us have a belated anniversary away together. 

P.S. I have a couple more photos, but I will blog them hopefully tomorrow!

Cathy xo


Allyson said...

Where was James?? Get is James and the Giant Peach, had they gone their separate ways I wonder-LOL.
The SS Sicamous-when I was but a child so many decades ago, I remember when it churned past for the last time as it was being moved to Penticton. It was a big deal, so many people lined the lake to watch it pass. Can't remember where it was being moved from, but it was historic as it was its' last time. We lived on Long Street, so I could have been 8 or 9 I guess.
It looks and sounds like this was a lovely getaway for both of you. So happy that it came to pass. xx

Sarah said...

Now I want to go!! Sounds like a lovely weekend!