Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Five down, and only one to go!

Oh, over the past weekend, Caroline wore the last of her diapers. So, thank you to Aunty and Uncle for changing the last of them. I haven't changed a Caroline diaper since Friday of last week. On Monday morning, Cliff put on a size six (with two left in the bag), and Caroline told us she wanted to wear underwear. So, off went the diaper. She went to her drawer, and helped herself!

In one day Caroline fully toilet trained! Number five is done, and now just waiting on my 18th month old Coco. I am thinking trying to get it done BEFORE two. I sat Courtney on the toilet today, and she liked it. She wanted toilet paper LOL. She I am going to start talking to her about this. 

So far, I have spent the last almost 10 years (minus a few months changing diapers) I changed my first diaper on August 3rd, 1999. Maybe by August 2009 we could be done? *fingers crossed*

Happy Days!! High fives Caroline!

We are going to enjoy a cheaper grocery bill this next shop! And trade a full size six bag for a size four.


Anita said...

Ooooooohhhh how I wish it would be that easy for me! I'm in the midst of potty training my soon to be 3 yr old son (June 27th is his b-day). He is TOUGH as NAILS! Stubborn as heck! *arrraahh* I'm on day 3... and tonight he just pooped in his big boy undies.... man I hope he gets it soon :( Happy for you though :)

Cathy said...

I hope things will change for your son soon! Potty training has always been a big frustration for me. Thankfully the last two have been pretty painless. I wish smooth training for you both :D

sclangs said...

Wow, I changed my first child's diaper on August 3rd, 1999 too!!! Thankfully my 3rd and last child is almost done potty training. He'll be 4 in July. If I can get him to poop in the potty then I will be sooo happy. Still having trouble at night too.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Caroline! (She just wanted to do it on her own "schedule" mama (just like you thought!) Congrats to you guys as we again are moving into the first stage (starting from scratch) soon. LOL. Andrea xo

Allyson said...

Caroline~ Nanny and Pappa are so proud of you, way to go. Happy Dance when we see you little love. Saving $$$ on grocery bills is huge, happy for mommy and daddy's food bill too! High Fives all around. xx

Irma said...

If you ever feel the urge to train another....just let me know! (-:

My mother always taught me to

Way to go Caroline! (...and MOM)