Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to Life

You see off in the distance, on the mountain. Well that says PENTICTON. We climbed up there.Me not so prepared to hike. I wore my breezy blowy girly skirt, my bright pink flip flops and carried my work camera with me in one hand.  More on this story to come. These are a few off of the camera phone only.
The beach.Lovely.

Ah, a jacuzzi room for two. Two evenings of relaxing with either a bottle of wine or champagne. Awesome.

Driving in my Sister's car...(my Dad's old car) with the sunroof open. Sunshine all around us. Beautiful weekend.

Reconnecting with your spouse of 11 years, and six kids later. 

It was a great weekend away, and I will blog more about our two night adventure. It was awesome.


LauraC said...

Woo hoo! I've been waiting to hear all about your getaway!

Anonymous said...

Your weekend already looks and sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear (read) more! So happy that you were able to get away; just the two of you. xo