Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day

Well, it is Wednesday. It seems like I am neglecting my own blog, but really I am not. I am of course concentrating my efforts on all of my other blog. It gets updated a lot more than this one. I wish there was more of me, but there isn't. So...

I hope my Canadian friends and family had a nice long weekend. I was busy with several shoots, and I had the opportunity to be a third shooter at a lovely wedding in Vancouver. So that was a neat-o-12 hour day working. Very eye opening, and really something I am interested in trying again. Weddings are beautiful. 

Anyways. A couple of images from about 1000 I shot at the wedding. To see more, go check out more, be sure to check out my other blog. It links to the main photographer, Jamie Delaine's blog, and also to the second shooter Laura of Dolcepics. AMAZING work there.

Cathy xo

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