Thursday, July 02, 2009

Trying to read is upside down.

Yes, I know how to read. It is finding the TIME to read which is the difficult task. Fitting in all in. I ordered two books from Amazon. And they have already arrived! They came so quickly! And yesterday I want to Chapters and I purchased a book. (I was anticipating a long wait for the two!)

When I was growing up I LOVED to read. I would be the kid under her covers with a flashlight reading to the wee hours of the morning! But the more kids I had, the less time for reading. SO, I decided I would try again. The three books are all business/camera/photoshop related. That is GOOD! I need to challenge myself. So, I will try to read. If not, I think that audio books will be the way to go. 

Anyways! They are all sitting here beside me on my desk! First, I go clean the bathrooms. Then I will open up the box! It feels like Christmas!! I just love to keep learning!

Cathy xo

P.S. The best two books I read were actually last night. My girls Claire and Carly wrote me a book each. So cute. I love it!


Donna said...

I can so relate Cathy! It seems like the only things I have ready in the last 7 years were either baby/parenting related, or instruction manuals to put together something... for the kids of course!

Enjoy your new books!!

Hope Walls said...

I know!!! I read a book a couple of weeks ago - had forgotten what it was like to just DEVOUR a book, and damn it felt good. I went for something not work or photography related though, and opted for a gut-wrenching book that left me feeling used and abused and thoroughly satisfied afterwards. I do, however, like thumbing through my PS manual from time to time... ;)

Carol Kerfoot said...

Hey can I borrow fast track photographer when your done? ( unless its 5 years from now LOL) I was going to buy it but maybe I could rent it from you?

Cathy said...

For sure Carol! I hope I get it done by the end of this year ;D

Just kidding. You can rent it! P. S. You need to come over!! I have something for you ;D