Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Phew!

This is after the immunization appointments for Catie (Kindergarten shots) and Courtney.

This is Courtney's first visit to the "candy drawer" and she was a happy camper.
 Catie got two, because hers was a sore one.

Caroline got one too. Our family doctor is so great! 

Catie, and her pop. 

I survived (well almost) it is still early on Friday. 

This week was filled with lots of driving. Driving my gas guzzling 12 passenger van. Monday, was summer school for two, back and forth. Back and forth. Tuesday, I had to have Cliff take the day off so we could get all of our stuff done! It was an especially crazy day! Summer school for one, a very intensive RCMP Jr. Cadet camp for two, and immunization shots for two. Catie and Courtney. Catie cried, Courtney didn't cry for the first needle, but cried for the second one. Then drop off and pick ups all day. Same with Wednesday, and then Thursday. Plus a "Graduation" for Cameron and Claire. Cliff stayed back with the others. Thankfully, because it was long and warm in the gym. And on my way home from the grad, my check engine light came on. Remember my fiasco with no van large enough for the kids? I am a wee bit concerned. So, this morning, a more quiet day (if that is possible with six kids at home?) laundry (a given) and a drive with my six to the dealership to hopefully figure out what is going on with our van. Monday, school is back in, and I need to be able to drive them all back and forth! Unfortunately to place both girls in the same school. Claire in Reading and Rec, and Carly is in Numbers 'til Noon. We could only pick a school about 15 minutes away by drive. 

Driving all of this week, I was thankful for an air conditioned van. And thankful that for the regular school year, we are able to walk. I feel better about that. Being able to walk. I realize I do not like the driving so much. 

This weekend we are off to a fun "Stampede" style BBQ with old family friends. And with family. Kids will be dressed up like cowgirls and a cowboy. I am the official photographer, so I am looking forward to do that just for fun. I am praying that this year all stay healthy, and now throw up. Last year after the Luau, right as soon as we walked through the door, July Puke Fest 2008 began, and lasted for one whole week. Healthy thoughts! Healthy thoughts. You can see why I might feel a little worried right :D

Have a great weekend!



Beth said...

I'm tired just thinking about your week! Fingers crossed that your van is fine. And toes crossed for no puke fest '09! I think I was more traumatized by your experience last year than you were! LOL.

Sarah said...

Healthy thought, healthy thoughts!!

Shawna said...

Just reading this made me tired!