Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday again!



Cameron, and the two little gals. At the waterpark! 
On Wednesday they went there for some sliding action! (So did Kristy and her family ;D )

Active Catie! 

This week was busy for a bit, and then not so busy. Why you ask? Well it had to do with the fact that my sister Amy, and her husband Tyler (and his daughter K) took the kids up to Cultas Lake on a camping adventure. They left Sunday afternoon (K slept over on Saturday night after the Stampede style BBQ.) And then in the morning Amy and T drove back to pick up the kids! For Cameron, it was his second time, and for Catie and Caroline...their very first trip! So, therefore when Claire and Carly were in summer school. I just had Courtney around. For a couple of those days I went to
my parents house to hang out. They spoiled me, made me breakfast and lunch. Talked and talked and talked. The kids were gone from Sunday to Thursday. Half the laundry, half the clean up! So nice! I am so greatful to Amy and Tyler for giving us a break, and for also giving the kids some wonderful new experiences and adventures. Love you all! 

Who took the photos? Well my friend Kristy took them. She was camping too at the same time and place and she found my sister, and T and said hi! Of course she knows the kids from school too! Thanks Kristy! Amy, I look forward to seeing your photos too! 

So all and all a good week. Got a few extra things done around the house. I was able to talk on the phone easily. Work on my computer etc. 

Yesterday, the campers arrived back home! Just in time for a pick up at summer school. So, in went the carseats and away we went. A family of eight again. As much as I loved the time, space and quiet. It REALLY missed my other kids. I am rarely away from them. So I felt complete again! 

Today, a "free" day we drove into Abby to visit Cliff. We all had lunch. And now, the weekend is upon us!

Happy Friday!


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Allyson said...

What lovely pictures! Could this photographer possibly be the lady that introduced herself to me at the Mini-Tri? She sort of looked like her.
It was wonderful of Amy and Tyler to give you all a break, but as always, best ever when the family is reunited.