Thursday, July 02, 2009

A week to get organized!

This is the week I said I would get organized. So far so good.

  • Master Bedroom closet cleaned out and organized
  • Donation pile ready go to charity
  • Kids' individual boxes sorted out
  • New little boxes for their individual treasures (two more, as Coco doesn't have any treasures -- poor bub!)
  • Necklace situation sorted out (only Coco needs a heart shaped necklace)
  • Sorted through girls' clothing, and created a donation bag or two
  • Barbies stuff sorted
  • Craft cabinet organized
  • Individual craft supply boxes sorted, purged and put back


LauraC said...

Cathy, I LOVE that you have a to-do item to organize Barbie stuff!! Only in a house with five girls!

Cathy said...

Ha ha! Totally true!

Christy said...

You GO girl!