Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cameron made this.

Cameron decided to do some filming of the girls in the van. Be prepared for some jiggling of the screen. IF you are sensitive you may not like this. Remember this was filmed by a nine year old, who is almost a 10 year old.

P.S. The van was parked, and not in motion. And there was not really an earthquake. Just a boy with a good imagination :D




Alyson said...

I love how courtenay is always sleeping in the videos, and how catie has her seatbelt half off ;)

Cathy said...

Alyson! I cannot believe how Courtney sleeps through all the ruckus in the van! Always. And yes, that is the 'acceptable' way to wear the belt when parked and waiting for pick ups and drop offs as long as we are stopped and parked. They buckle up on their own when we get moving which is nice.

Sarah said...

Oh Cameron, you are so funny!!

Allyson said...

Sign him up for film school. I love it!