Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hard at Work Hubby.

After a light pole had been knocked over, Cliff had to go cap off the wires and mark it with a pylon. He helps keep the city streets safe :D

My hubby Cliff works hard for us. One of the most hard working men I know in my life.  He works a lot so that I can stay at home with the kids. That had been the goal from day one.  We said when we were pregnant with our first, that he would work, and I would raise the kids. We have stayed pretty true to our word. I am pleased that we have both been able to have this for our family. We will continue this way until I am able to do more photography. I see that happening in the next few years, once the youngest hits Kindergarten/Grade One. 

I couldn't see it any other way. Either could he.

Anyways,  over the past weekend my husband had been on call at work. So, after a fun day at the berry festival, he got called to work. His second call out of the week. So, on Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to go watch him work. I took two videos, but I will share the shorter version. The other one I will share with the kids.


P.S. Cliff, thank you for all of your love and support for these past 11 years. You are the best hubby a girl could ever get. I love you. xo


Sarah said...

Go CLIFF!! That vest is hot! Sean has one too. LOL!

Cathy said...

I have worn a shirt of his. He forgot one at home, so I put it on. When he walked up to the van he started laughing. He laughed very hard, and so did I. I looked absolutely terrible. LOL.

Allyson said...

He's our star for sure! Just love his smile at the very end of this short video! Thanks for keeping your city safe Cliffie. xx

Anonymous said...

I love it. I especially love the smug smile and proud look that he had at the end. We're proud of your hubby (and you too Cath!)Doing what you do and doing what Cliff does day in and day out makes your family work and that is the most important thing.
Love you. Andrea xo