Sunday, July 26, 2009

End of June (better late than never) Holiday

See, I was there. Where my computer is...I am. Not a one photo taken of me on this holiday.

Here are 5/6 kids Catie was with Nonna. Forever washing off sand from the bottom of their feet.

Catie loved the sand!

Cameron swam out to the dock and back on his own! He sure is growing up! 

Caroline kept a perma-smile on the whole weekend. Can you see the beautiful desert landscape of Osoyoos, BC. It is AMAZING there!







At the end of June all 9 of us (yes Mom-in-Law included) headed to Osoyoos for the weekend. It was to honour/remember the one year of dear Dad's passing (June 27th, 2008) so we had a great weekend. I finally got around to working on the files. Today! Doing this has made me decide I need a wee little point and shoot camera for family events. I don't feel like taking photos with my camera on holidays. I just want snap shots that I do not have to edit. No perfection. Just our family photos. 

Anyways, here are a few. I took maybe 40 photos total. That has got to change. So, for our week there August I will change my ways :D


Anonymous said...

Hey cousin! Those shots of the kids (each separate pic) are super! I just love the happiness that each child is showing. Looks like you had an awesome time and that the kids really enjoyed themselves. I bet they're looking forward to the next time (as are you!) Happy Summer. *This heat is killing me but I won't complain. Soon enough it will be winter and I'll have to complain about that too! LOL. xo Andrea

LauraC said...

I use my iphone as a point and shoot on location. ha ha!

Allyson said...

Honey, I can't believe, I never commented on these wonderful pictures. (Sorry about that!) One that really struck me-Cameron washing his feet off at the tap by the pool. Oh my gosh he looks so old in that one. Love all of the pictures, glad you shared them with all of us. xx

Jenn VH said...

LOOOVE Caroline's hair!! So poofy!!
~Jenn VH