Friday, September 07, 2007

Budding Artists! Our Summer Art Party (more below!)

Here is Catie with pink hair! She had a blast!

Here is Cameron, painted black and sparkly!

The whole fence had paper, with different colour paints to mix and explore. Some used brushes, some used their hands. But, the object was to have fun. There were even pastels to experiment with too. As you can see from the photo, that the trampoline was even painted! They had lots of paint. Even the dolly strollers got a bit of painting too!

Some more of the paiting finished on the fence! At one point all of the kids were lined up and painting together. I wished I had a panoramic view...too bad.

I can promise you, that the water started off clear! And, that all of the paints were washable!

I am not THAT CRAZY!!!


Yvonne said...

I still think you are crazy!! A good crazy but crazy NO DOUBT!!

Andrea said...

Brave... very brave... :-)
Andrea xo

Alyson said...

wow summer art party. that is amazing. I am going to have to do that some day.

I'm so emotional today. i saw the pic of your kids on the couch and cried. I remember how excited I was for the first day of school!

Hmmm...maybe I'm pregant?? oh that would be so cool. I doubt it though:(

Carol said...

I think she is CRAZY folks!

AmberP said...

Absolutely wonderful!! That looks like SUCH a great time:)

Irma said...

All I can say is WOW! And you must be a sucker for self inflicting work upon your selve! My kids would LOVE you. I don't think I would be that brave...

The Hoegler Family said...

That is amazing, and you must be the best and most exciting mom in the whole world. I admire your guts so much Cathy.

Love from Hege