Sunday, September 09, 2007

Catie is three today!

Curious, adventurous, and playful from womb to room lol!
Full of smiles, laughter and happiness!

How can we forget the pirate face, and the many other fun faces you make Catie! You know how to make us all laugh!
You potty trained before any of the other kids! And now you are there! We are so proud of you!

My Catie girl, a photo of you from summer time. As you are my summer girl. You are my little pink rose.

Our dear little Catie, and the only child in the family with a shortened name (just like Mom) and we were both born on on a Thursday! We called you "trickster" when you were inside of my uterus. We had troubles hearing your heartbeat early on, you would kick at the doppler. You were in my belly when we filmed Crash Test Mommy back in July of 2004 when I was 31 weeks pregnant with you. I wish now the film crew and viewers could have met you too. Because, they are missing out on you! You would light up the screen my darling gal.

You have this face, this beautiful little face. This face that smiles and lights up the whole room. We love that about you. You give big hugs, you can count almost to 20, and you help others. You are so giving and caring. We are so glad you came into our lives Catie. You bring such joy into our family and we could not imagine life without you. You have adjusted into our family so nicely. Potty training before the age of three, switching houses, room mates, car seats, places in the van, from high chair to table, from crib to a bed! So many changes for you, and you did them so easily. You are very adaptable.

The one thing I notice about you, is that you are tiny, but you do not let that stop you! You will not let others bother you, or hurt you even when you are way smaller than them. You go for the gusto! I love holding your hands, because I still describe them as "baby" hands. You have these delicate little hands, but yet you can give a big hit! (right Papa!)

I also love how you can do somersaults, and you swing on the swing and pump your legs!

We look forward to seeing what you will be doing in the following year Catie. We know you will continue to grow into a fine young woman! Now, no more self hair cuts! No more mullets! Maybe this year some pigtails would be fun xo.

Happy third birthday!


AmberP said...

Happy Birthday Sweet girl :) What a sweet little girl you are...

Cathy I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the descriptions that you give of your children. Absolutely wonderful!! I hope you guys have a great day :)

Allyson said...

Oh momma you have captured your little Catie to a "t". I have to giggle just thinking of her pumping on the swing-a memory scorched into my mind's eye forever. Too darling. Happy Birthday to our little trixter!
Nanny and Pappa love you so. xxx

Mrs. Merriman said...

Happy Birthday, Catie!!! xoxox

ticblog said...

Happy Birthday!

***********Dawn*********** said...

Happy Birthday Catie!!

It is so fun to hear about the stages and accomplishments of Catie, since my Taylor is just a few short days away from her 3rd birthday. The similarities are so uncanny...especially the pirate smile!!!


Alyson said...

My goodness that is alot of birthdays in your house!!
how fun to have party's all the time :)

You look great by the way. I may no longer be blonde and pregnant but I still feel we are kindred spirits :)

Babzy said...

Yah gotta luv that pirate face. yo ho ho

Soooooooo sweet.

Kerry said...

She is exactly like that little pink rose, look at those cheeks! So cute!

I do think that this year there should be a resolution to stay away from scissors... stick to barbie doll hair-chops instead!

ps - Happy Birthday to the hub as well, glad you had nice weather on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I love the pirate face.