Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mom Mystery No. 1

Why will my kids all use bottles now, but when when we desperately needed them to take a bottle they wouldn't?

Today, and yesterday I have plucked 4 different bottles, complete with liners all over the house. *scratching head in confusion*


Allyson said...

See, they know they missed out on something there! xxx :)

Babzy said...

They're playing "family" and somebody has to be the "baby".

That's what Carol's kids do. Megan's the Mom, Tyson's the Dad, and Tessa is the baby. She gurgles and goos like a baby. If there was a bottle around she would get it.

LauraC said...

7 years and this is the Mystery #1? ha ha.

Cathy said...

Laura: I think this is the first time I have recorded one lol!! ha ha