Sunday, September 09, 2007


Yesterday was Cliff's birthday. We took him to the Cruise In, and we also hung out with my sister Amy and her guy Tyler. They brought over the kids' birthday presents, so it was like Christmas for the three kids! Bags and paper everywhere. They sure picked out nice presents for the birthday kids. Thank you Aunty Amy, Uncle Tyler and K. We had a nice afternoon with you both! Send us some photos when you can!


Carol said...

poor cliff...where is his big post?

Cathy said...

Well Carol,

We celebrated his birthday the previous weekend with his parents.
I was the pdd and took the lot of them to the casino lol. We didn't even take any photos. How sad is that. I know, pretty lame-o!

His parents left for Italy the day of his birthday. So, we did it early. But there are good memories of the day lol!