Friday, September 07, 2007

End of Summer Vacation Art Party

The younger kids having a snack on the trampoline (notice Cameron at the fence)

A different perspective

The kids with paper, envelopes, stickers, dabbers, felts, foam shapes, glue and glitter glue

Catie with pinky red hair! She had a great time!

Monday morning (Labour Day Holiday Monday)
Bright and Early!

I had a few friends over. And my few friends had some kids. I had my 4/5, Carol's 3, Kristy's 2, and Twila's 2. So, that is 11 kids over for some last minute summer fun (so glad the rain stayed away until the afternoon!) and a snack. I think the kids had fun, as did the adults. I think this will be our yearly do! It was a lot of fun! And, truly the worst clean up was of my son. Who decided it would be fun to paint himself black and sparkly lol. The rest was easy lol.

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