Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One Organized Chick Recognized!

I don't usually toot my own horn, but when something exciting happens in my life I just have to share with you all. My organizing blog called One Organized Chick was added to a blog roll by thee John Trosko of OrganizingLA. I am so excited!

Here is my post from my organizing blog. If you click on the links, you can see for yourself.

I hope you check it out!

one nest at a time,



Allyson said...

I am going to scope it out right now! But I loved how he said on his site: "you can organize Canada"! Way to go my darling daughter! So proud of you.

The Besth Blog said...

Bravo Cathy! This is splendid! So proud of you and sticking to it.
I see that you updated your profile mentioning your almost six kids. :-)
Eat your heart out, Helen Buttegieg.(sp) haha
Lots of love and admiration,

Alyson said...


Babzy said...

YAAAAAYYYY That is so awesome.

I haven't looked at your Organized Chick for a long time (since my Blue Laundry Basket took a break). Too many things on my mind lately.

But I am looking forward to getting back into doing my condo and will be devouring your ideas.

Good Going, Cathy.

Kerry said...

That is so AWESOME! Way to go! I swear one day we will see you on Oprah! :)