Thursday, October 18, 2007

Apron Strings

Eight aprons from my childhood!

The kids trying them out, and Cameron chose a 'cape' style instead, can you blame him?

History repeats itself...

I was thinking back to my childhood, and growing up with my two sisters April and Amy. And of course with my cousins Riki, Andrea, Bobby and Bryan. In total, there were 7 of us grandchildren. I know there are a picture or two of us in the very same aprons, unfortunately I searched through my albums, and I don't have a copy. But I have many memories!

We used to have so much fun going over to Granny and Papa's house. I think we went there a lot, but I cannot remember how often that really was. It was so exciting to be able to go and visit, and usually get to do something fun. Like bake bread (Papa was a baker), sleep over, our night time prayers and of course wake up to the smell of oatmeal in the morning. Listening to the sounds of my grandparents talking in the morning. And being awoken by the voices of our grandparents saying 'Wakey wakey rise and shine' and the familiar sound of NW98 blaring over the radio in the living room. I love how my grandparents would also take us ALL for sleepovers. So many grandchildren at a time, and yet I am sure we ALL have precious memories of our childhood!

I remember the 'long' drive to my grandparents home. We would watch for certain landmarks, and know that we were getting closer to their home!

One thing that I particularly remember is being able to wear Granny's special aprons. She had many of them. Fancy ones, cotton ones, embroidered ones. I was doing some remembering, and I said to my Mom, I wonder if Granny still has those aprons...So, I asked my Mom if she could ask Granny for them if she still had them. And, guess what. She did! I received eight of them! That is a gift in itself.

What a treat! When I took them out, I touched each one, and placed them one by one out on the counter. And I took a photo or two. I instantly remembered the fabrics, and instantly was brought back to a time in my life when I had the pleasure of being young and innocent, just being a child.

After I remembered back, I gathered up the kids, and I told them about how we (when were kids wore THE VERY SAME aprons!) Our kids thought that was pretty neat that their Mommy wore the same aprons! Except those aprons don't fit around my waist anymore! But, they are perfect for our little ones! I told them, that I would put these in the baking drawer so that they could use them when they wanted to. And, now they pull them out quite often. Today, Catie had on a green and white one, and Caroline had a blue gingham one. They are so big on them, and they look like little prairie dresses to me! Right up my alley and my Little House on the Prairie fascination! I also told them, that they are to be cherished and respected. I told them also that I want MY grandchildren to wear them. They seemed to understand the importance of these aprons. The love of the aprons! The love of a GG!

These aprons I know were sewn with a great deal of love, and perfect in every way. When I see my own kids in these aprons, it brings me right back to that wonderful time when EVERYTHING was right in the world.

I am so thankful to my Granny for giving these to me, as I will have memories that will last a lifetime. I love you so much Granny. I know when you used to tie these aprons around our waist you probably said a little prayer for us. And, I have been doing that for my kids too! I will continue to do that for them too. And, hopefully I get a few grandchildren from our six kids, and I will do that for them too! I just hope I will have ENOUGH aprons!

I thank you for giving me so many fond memories, and for the apron strings that continue to envelope me, and our whole family in love. You are a treasure. And, we love you Granny/GG.


Allyson said...

Cathy it is a delight to see the kids wearing the GG's aprons. I remember when GG's mom, my Granny came to visit from Winnipeg (we lived on 62nd Avenue at the time) and I remember Granny and Mom cutting and discussing fabrics. They had a busy time, making teatowels, pillowcase, aprons and my sister"s and mine bedding for our single beds. Each time I look at those aprons I remember this time like yesterday! See Cathy, somethings shouldn't be purged!-tee hee. xxxxooooo

Andrea said...

Aw, Cath ~ what a great story and great "cherished moments". Your story brought back so many of my own memories flooding back. I think I too may have worn one or two of those "back in the day". That's great that your girls will be able to pass along the "memory" and their own cherished moments. And Cameron too (even in his own cape style apron!) xo Love you. Andrea xo

Anonymous said...

I love your apron story, Cathy.

Alyson said...

oh wow I love the aprons!! I am going to have my mother in law make some for sure!!!such an amazing thing to pass down.

I am supposed to be on a computer break for the week (don't tell anyone) but I'm checking out blogs while drinking my coffee. :)

ticblog said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the aprons!!!! What a great post, what a great gift. I may have to dig out our aprons and post some pics of them, too!