Thursday, October 25, 2007


Do you write thank you notes or cards? Do you think that thank you notes should be hand written? Should you send a e-card instead or a quick email? or, do nothing at all?

I was taught to write a thank you card, I started when I had my first wedding showers, and never have stopped. I know I have sent MANY cards over the past decade or more! My Mom would help me back then by adding a packet or two of beautiful thank you cards and a guest list complete with addresses to complete the job.
Is writing a thank you card a dying art? Personally, I think there is nothing better than receiving a thank you note in the mail. It is nice to be thanked for something you picked out especially for a person. I know I am still waiting for a thank you card from an ex-best friends wedding that happened over 13 years ago...I guess I should stop checking my mailbox huh.

I just love going to find 'thank you' cards at the local Hallmark. I actually have a drawer full of thank yous. They are like a secret pleasure for me. I think because I used to work in the printing industry, that papers and lovely inks make my day...ahhhh the smell of ink in the morning lol. I think they are beautiful. I know when I receive a card, it makes my day.

I don't know, but I really will be teaching this art to my kids, and I hope they will teach their kids.

Do you write thank yous? or, is a simple verbal thank you when receiving the gift enough?


Allyson said...

It's funny, when you do something for someone, you don't do it thinking, I'll get a nice thank you card for this. You do it because you want to. But when all is said and done, I too love to receive a Thank You. Conversely, I send out Thank You cards, because I am always touched by the generosity of the giver and it should be I believe, acknowledged.
You're waiting too huh? I guess we all wait in the Thank You care waiting room together ".) xx

LauraC said...

Miss Manners says if you thank a person in person, you do not need to send a thank you card. But since we live so far away from family, I am constantly sending thank you cards. And if I thank someone in person but the gift was especially thoughtful, I additionally send a card. I use different cards, depending on the situation.

I like the idea of teaching kids to be thankful when someone is generous to you!

AmberP said...

Cathy - I am TERRIBLE for writing thankyou cards. But you have inspired me. You know what I will be doing today!!

Anonymous said...

Giving or receiving a thank you card is a way to continue the connection you make when you give or receive a gift or gesture.

It's still a thoughtful thing to do. Miss Manners would be proud that you've gone beyond the basics.

PamnPat'sParadise said...

I think it is a dying art just because email is so easy to send, and you can send e-cards.

That being said, I went out to Michaels a few weeks back and went through their $1 bins and found some lovely cards with envelopes. Just blank cards with a pretty picture on the front. I'm using them to send to a friend every now and then just to say hello, and that i'm thinking of them.

I'm also trying to get my kids to make thank you cards when someone gives them something as well. It does tell people that you care and that their gift was appreciated.

Maybe it's something our generation can revive and pass along once again as your mom did for you.

The Hoegler Family said...

This was interesting reading. In Norway we only send Thank You cards if you didn't get to thank the person personaly, and I like that, otherwise it gets very expencive after birthday parties etc. But when we go to a baptisme or a wedding we get even nicer cards than what people here send out. You get a framed picture of the couple or the baby. And Christmas cards also often include a picture of the family. But that said, I always look forward to the cards April sends me with the nice and inspiring thank yous. So now I am sending more and more Thank You cards myself too.

Love from Hege

Carol said...

A wonderful way to start a tradition of thankyou cards with your children is to put a box of thankyou cards in each childs Christmas stocking that matches your childs personality. Then spend the time with them writing thankyou cards for the gifts received over the holidays. ( I'm doing it this year!)