Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Abby!

One year ago today, my first niece was born, under the big and golden harvest moon of October 2006. It was so exciting to drive into town to rush to meet you! To finally greet you!

A first visit to see baby Abigail just over one year ago, and boy were the cousins excited to meet her! And, still to this day love her to bits! They all know your name, and they all recognize your sweet face!

Here is me, a proud Aunty Cathy holding my very first niece! (I told you all I should not hold her, and look at me now, almost expecting my sixth baby!!) A sweet smelling precious little bundle!

Doing what all good Aunties do: Fold laundry for the new family! Ahhh...such small little sleepers tucked away!

Dear little Abby,

We wish you a very happy 1st birthday today! Have fun celebrating with your family, and tasting your first cupcake! I am sure if you are like your Aunty and your Mommy...that you will love your sweets too! Because you are a sweetie pie too!

Much love to you today, and always!


Your Aunty Cathy, Uncle Cliff, and your five (almost six) cousins; Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie, Caroline and Wee C 6!



Anonymous said...

Yikes Cathy. When I saw the baby I thought you had YOUR baby. When are you due so I can be prepared?

Cathy said...

Babzy: I still have just under 8 weeks until my due date of December 1st! But, who is counting! You can also check out my pregnancy log in my links!! I update regularily there!!

The Besth Blog said...

Thanks so much for the sweet mention of Abby's birthday. Very special!
I still remember you coming over with bags of pink clothes, washing them, then making me dinner & a cup of tea!
Much love,