Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today, was my birthday and I woke up in Victoria!

At a really lovely beach on the coast, driving back to the ferry terminal. The sun came out for a bit which was lovely and warm!

The largest piece of seaweed we have ever seen! Crazy long!

Another self photo. We never get photos together! But look at the beautiful back ground! Lovely.

On the ferry ride home. I was caught mid bite of a shared egg sandwich from the cafeteria. Look at how sunny it was! It was gorgeous today! Perfect day for a birthday!

Almost home, but what a lovely two days together. It definitely did not feel like groundhog day for the two past days. It was nice to spend time with Cliff and just 'Husband and Wife'. And not as 'Mom and Dad.' It was much needed this get away. We will always remember this weekend as a great time to re-connect. That is a good thing! I can tell you though. I cannot lie. I really missed the kids. We both did. And we were really glad to come home. We look forward to a thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and to be woken by the kids! We cannot wait to find out how their weekend was!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday cathy! Looks like you had a wonderful one :)
I love Victoria!

Cathy said...

Andrea! Nice to see you here! How are you doing?

I love Victoria too!!


Babzy said...

What a perfect little vacation! I want to see the Titanic exhibit now. Bonus that the weather was so nice for you. Happy Birthday, Cathy.

***********Dawn*********** said...


Happy Birthday to you...and your Dad...and Amy! I am so glad you were able to get away, it looks like a great place to visit! I too love the Titanic!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthdy Cathy!
You lucky lady getting away like that. Wow, I am jeleous.
You look great, it must be hard being pg with 4 others, that's what keeps me thinking with my 5.
Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still enjoying your blog.

Allyson said...

Look at the two of you, it's so nice to see you as Cliff and Cathy. I love that. And for the record, your children are a delight, and Pappa and I and Nona and Granpa are glad that you could get a way for a weekend. So long overdue. xxxooo

ticblog said...

Happy birthday! I'm insanely jealous of your romantic weekend getaway... *sigh*

PamnPat'sParadise said...

Happy Belated!!! What a nice treat to get away as husband and's nice not to have to call your hubby Daddy for a weekend. It rejuvenates the marriage and the spirit. You guys look like you had such a wonderful time. You deserved the get away.

I loved the Titanic too - it's almost over now so I'm glad you got a chance to see it.