Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Swinging from the chandelier?!

Who was swinging from the chandelier? I am not sure, but 'somebody' pulled the wiring out almost to the point where it could have fallen on somebody...like me, who bumped the chandelier with her head. It was hanging so low. I think it is time to take the air hockey table out...'the monkeys' climb up and use it to their advantage...

And, let us add to the list of what Caroline likes to eat:

A mouldy lemon from the garbage
Chips and cheese from the night before from the garbage
Avocado peels from the garbage
and...a rotten tomato from in the garbage and went onto the cream carpet.

Yup...that is my little Oscar! But she sure is no grouch. Thank goodness she has a happy smile! lol.


PamnPat'sParadise said...

Oh you poor girl!!!

She's such a cute little Oscar. I have to laugh just thinking of her doing those things.

My little Oscar likes to grab chewed gum from the garbage and chew it - and yes...she is grouchy these days LOL

Irma said...

Cathy...never a dull moment...how's a person suppose to take it easy running after little monkeys? Take care of yourself...you are on the home stretch!

pamnpat's paradise...hopefully your own garbage! (-: One of our kids (Curtis) grabbed chewed gum at the public pool in the changing rooms of the floor. Disgusting!

ticblog said...

OMG Cathy!!! lol

That's hilarious, but sad, but hilarious... These are the kinds of things you kind of HAVE to keep a sense of humour about, hey?

Kerry said...

Who needs a garberator? You've got a little recycler right there!

Kerry said...

Who needs a garberator? You've got a little recycler right there!

PamnPat'sParadise said...

Irma - ewwww!!! Yes, it was from ours and it's usually me who chews it so at least I know where she's getting the germs from LOL

Cathy said...

You know what, I will let you all know that when I was little, I used to pick up gum off the road and come home with it in my mouth. My Mom would say Cathy, where did you get the gum? I think my mouth got the soap treatment after some time because I KEPT ON DOING IT! lol.

So, I guess history repeats itself lol!!

Yvonne said...

OH Cathy ... I always wonder why when the children choose to do such things what goes through their little heads! Like Mom won't mind if we use her chandelier as a swing?!?! Like duh!!

Recycler??? .... ewwww! And Irma that gum thing is discusting! To think kids struggle to get a perfectly good supper in their little tummies but will eat all that other "yummy" stuff!!

Allyson said...

You and gum Cathy!!!!!@$%^&(

But a Garbage Can Baby I never had. And I want to remind you that you came up with the birthday party theme Monkey's Birthday! I hope you've moved the table by now. Poor Cliffie, more work. Poor Cathy, removing disgusting items from Caroline's mouth! xxxxoooo

The Besth Blog said...

Oh Caroline/Oscar! I can't believe the girl doesn't get sick?
Maybe you need a large acme lock on that garbage to keep out the little hungry mice. :-)
I also ate gum from the streets...it tasted wonderful in the Summer as the heat brought out the minty freshness! Guess I learned this 'technique' from you, Cath. LOL