Thursday, October 11, 2007

Plastic Surgery for Mommy

I found this article here, and I so would do this if the price is right, or I can finance it!

I look at it this way, my body has been through the ringer with my seven pregnancies. The varicose veins are my worst part on my body right now. I have awful veins on both legs. I am going to need a lot of work.

I will do as much as I can to get back to where I started from, but I know I will not have the figure I had pre-kids. I am OK with that. I realize, I am almost 10 years older than when I started having kids.

I will exercise, eat right and hope for the best. BUT, if I am not loving my body I will very much consider having my body corrected with plastic surgery. Seriously, I was never one to support cosmetic surgery, but looking at my body...I have changed my mind. It is worth doing, especially because I am still so young! Why would I not want to enjoy my body again?! I want to feel like the old me, but a better me!


Kerry said...

You know, I even saw a commercial on tv the other day for surgical tourism. You go to some hospital in the US for the procedure, then are whooshed away to a five star resort to recover. Imagine that!

I can understand getting the veins on your legs fixed, those can be sore, and bum you out if you want to wear shorts and skirts and feel self-conscious about them.

As for the rest of the bod...well hey, you're allowed to make your own decisions about your body and what you do to it. Surgery or no surgery, more power to you! If it makes you feel more confident, go for it!

PamnPat'sParadise said...

I'm with you Cathy and have already been told I can get it done. Once I'm done losing the weight I need to lose, we're going to go for it. By then, I'm hoping my stomach will be in much better shape and will just need a little bit of a touch up to get it where it needs to be!

I'm gonna run with you yet!!!

AmberP said...

My hubby love is completely supportive in the stuff that I want to get done... boobs... my gosh they are NOT where they belong. Stomach... while there are no stretch marks, skin is stretched and ammmm... fatty!! lol.... but that's about it... Plus they did a number on my stomach with the c-section's so I will have a tummy tuck to fix that!:)

You want it. You do it.


Alyson said...

You already are a better you than you were 10 years ago :)

LauraC said...

In the US, plastic surgery is so common. I can't even count the number of twin moms I know who had a tummy tuck. There's just no way for all that stuff to go back to normal on its own.

Your body has done so much for you (all those kids!) that you should love it and do whatever you want to it!

Beth said...

OMG Cathy! I totally agree. Until I became a mom, I looked down on plastic surgery. But now I completely understand. I would get breast augmentation, definitely. Like Amber said, they're not where they're supposed to be! Lol. And I've only had one! (And one more on the way--but shhhhh--I haven't broken the news on my blog yet!) Anyway, if I look half as good as you do after just two pregnancies, I'll feel pretty darn good!