Friday, October 12, 2007

What made me smile and laugh today!

Walking to school with the kids, and having this fun boy M, who is in an upper grade make all of the kids laugh, and me too.

Poor Cameron's water bottle was not closed right, and the help that all of the kids gave him was so sweet.

Seeing our episode of Crash Test Mommy on TV today, unexpectedly. It was fun to sit with Carly (my then 'baby'...) and Catie (my last baby in my belly at the time) and being able to watch the kids watch the kids. Catie kept asking where she was, and I kept telling her that she was inside my belly. Just seeing how much the kids have grown, and watching some touching, tender moments. Wow, that was such a neat experience. I cannot believe how much we all have changed and grown in the last three years. That was really neat.

The sun, that is bursting through our windows is also making me smile continually. It has been such a lovely day today!

Have a joyful day! Happy Friday!

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Alyson said...

crash test mommy how fun!!
I would love to see the episode :)