Friday, December 14, 2007

4 weeks today

Say good bye to the newborn size diaper. In the background is a diaper that Caroline wears. There is a big size difference, that is for sure. Courtney has graduated to size 1's.

Notice that Courtney is always in this sleeper?! Because seriously, I love it on her and I think next week it will be too small. So, I am enjoying her in it!

Here is her on her fave position on the couch today and notice how long she is getting and how her face is filling out! She really looks like one of ours now!


And our Courtney is now 4 weeks old. The weeks have just seemed to fly by. Courtney is a sweet, quiet, and content baby. She is officially out of her newborn diapers, and moved into size 1. And, her sweet, sweet little newborn sleepers are starting to become to small. I notice her snaps pop open now, and her feet are starting to point downward because there is no room to grow in her tiny newborn sleepers. I knew this would happen, but it is happening all too fast. My little baby is growing up. I know it has to happen but it shocks me all at the same time. I guess it is time to wash up the next size sleeper, and pack away the small items.

Also, her gooey eye is pretty much gone. We are enjoying watching her open her eyes fully now! We love to watch her look around a bit more. She is really becoming more alert.


Allyson said...

4 weeks today-I can't believe it either. I noticed when I was holding her as in transporting her from family room to her little bassinette, that she was feeling a little weightier. Our babes is growing up!
Who does she look like in that picture? I see Caroline, Catie and ???
Kisses to my little grandaughter.

Yvonne said...

FOUR weeks already!! Wow Cathy that goes quick! I like the sleeper too ... very cute! (there is always favorites that tend to either be on or in the wash!!)

Alyson said...

yup I like the sleepers too. All babies need is two sleepers you LOVE for each size. one to wash, the other to wear ;)

Kerry said...

WOW! Just look what happens when I go away for two weeks! lol Babies are bigger, blogs are newer! ;)

ticblog said...

You can TOTALLY see the family reseblance in that picture! She looks like a miniature Carly to me lol...