Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is it warm in here? or is it just me?

Well, it is a Wednesday. Life has been busy as a mom to six. Courtney has been doing well, and giving me already in the last week a few nights where she has slept for 5-6 hours. That has been nice. This baby girl does not require a lot, and remains happy and content with what is all going on around her. I am looking forward to seeing a first smile. That should be on its way soon I would think. That would make a nice Christmas gift :D

The kids have been busy with school, and of course last week was the big Christmas Concert. That was delightful to see three of my kids up on stage, and fun and you can read and see photos up on my Mom's blog! Thank Heavens for Nannies and Grandparents.

This weekend past we took the kids out after dinner for a drive to look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights. Most of the kids ended up falling asleep on us, but not Cameron and Claire! They held out to the very end. And, on Sunday I had my dear friend Cynthia over to wrap presents for me. She gave that gift to me, and I was so thankful and that allowed me to write some cards, write on the tags and just chat and have fun with her. That night we ordered in Chinese food with the in-laws that was fun, and I headed out to buy me some new pants, a couple of blouses and two stretch wash blazers.

I also did something I felt really good and that was to get rid of all of my maternity clothing. I felt good because they went to a friend, and sad because I knew those are the clothes that housed my beautiful belly. That was hard, and has always been hard. But, that is it for us. No more kids. So, off they went. I know they will be put to good use.

And, I also baked banana loaves that afternoon for the parents at school that have been giving me a hand with dropping off kids to my house. I have a hard time accepting help, but I have been because they make me lol. The generosity and support has been amazing. I am blessed by good friends (and family!!) So, I made the loaves which needed to cool before wrapping. Well, my little Caroline attacked the banana bread and ate the tops off, so Cliff had to make 2 more loaves for me lol!

Of course I had my trip to the big city early Monday morning to deal with my varicose veins, and you can read all about those in my other blog. I am wearing compression hose on a daily basis. And they keep me VERY WARM.

And, then just the usual stuff this week. School stuff, and of course laundry, and home stuff. And poopy undies lol, and the seemingly never ending bum wiping task. And of course the never ending battle of trying to keep a clean home. And watching lots of Christmas movies with the kids. That has been fun too. That is the fun part of having kids! The shows and the fun that is for sure. I am so glad that I finished all of my shopping before Courtney was born. We did a lot of online shopping, and the stuff we needed we bought WAY before the Christmas rush. So, now all we do is enjoy! That is a good feeling.

Cliff came home with a cold yesterday. Poor guy. He has been under the weather. But he still managed to make a great stir fry for dinner for us all. Thank goodness for a man that can cook! And the fact that he ENJOYS that is a bonus for us all.


Kerry said...

Wow, sounds like a busy week...but a GOOD busy week ;).

Allyson said...

Hey, where's my banana bread? Just joking my sweets. xxx

Cathy said...

Yes, Kerry it was busy but good week!

Mom: Well why don't you ask Caroline how it was lol!!

ticblog said...

I want some banana bread too. I don't eat banana bread, but I bet yours is filled with a lot of love. Maybe that would eliminate the taste of banana.

Merry Christmas to you and the Clan, Cathy. Much love!!!