Thursday, December 13, 2007

Housekeeping...need links!

Hi, what do you think of my new Blog look?! Thanks to my friend Amber!! Yay! Thanks! I love it!

I have the new Blogger format, and in the process I have lost some blog links...could you please submit your blog links if you notice you are missing from the list. Please submit your link to the comment section and I can add you all back in! If you would like to be included, please let me know!

Thanks so much!


***********Dawn*********** said...

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

Looks like I'm missing.

I love Amber's work. Nicely done.

Cathy said...

Looks like I lost my counter too. Does anybody recall what visitor number I was up to?

Should I use site meter again?

Cathy said...

I still can log in to site meter, but how do I put it back?

PamnPat'sParadise said...

love the new look.

not sure on the site meter.

Andrea said...

looks great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new baby! I was reading your blog daily while at work last winter... awaiting the spring arrival of OUR Caroline (Grace). :-) I read sometime this summer that you were pregnant, but I haven't had a chance to check in (and I only have ONE kid!) until now... she's BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Side note - Our Caroline had a goopy eye too... blocked tear duct. It finally cleared at 6.5 months... but only because it got a bit infected (pediatrician said the more yellow goop, the more bacterial infection... usually, it should just water). Anyways, breastmilk is the best antibacterial! I squirted a little in her eye/over the eye three times a day for two days and... VOILA! Clear blue eyes! Give it a "shot." Ha!

Allyson said...

Amber is certainly one talented little momma chick! I like the new look! Hopefully you have my link.

Cathy said...

Thanks everybody, and J thanks for the error in links. It is now corrected.

And, Anonymous...thanks for your nice message, and tip! Nice to meet another Mom of a Caroline!

Alyson said...

very nice new look. I am so technically uninclined I have no clue how to change my blog to truly reflect me.

ticblog said...

You're going to hate me, Cathy lol. I'm not using the blowsmyhairback blog anytime soon - it was too much like cutting the proverbial baby in half. is still the place to be.... sorry ~

But I do like the new blog header - I wish i knew how to get all fancy like that... lol

Cathy said...

Alyson! I think your blog is great!

H: I added back your current blog! Thanks for that xo

Jillian Kirby said...

Love the new look!!! Amber is great at that! WOW!! I definitely am in need of graphic design work... is she open to the public? I may have to contact her one day! :)

And how on earth did you get the blog header to fit so nicely there... can't seem to do it myself.

Nevertheless! Love the new look! And thanks for including my link!

Love your blog(s)!!!

Cathy said...

Hi J! Thanks. Amber surprised me when I was pregnant with Courtney with the blog header. It just took me this long to get on to the project. I had her install into the header right into my blog, I am not good at figuring those things out! Amber is very knowledgeable about all of that. I am sure you can contact her. She is Amber in my links. She is awesome!

Also J, I have a wonderful friend Cynthia she is also listed in my links. She is an awesome graphic designer by trade. If you click on my organizing link she designed my logo etc.

I put you in my links, because I believe in you! You do an amazing job! You have the knack, and a love for what you do. Now, I need to figure out what I need to do with the rest of my life.


Jillian Kirby said...

With the rest of your life?? Just by being in your home the one time, I can tell you that your calling is getting into professional organizing!!! You're on the right track with One Organized Chick... you don't know how many mommies out there need your service... and BAD! (me being one of them! :)

Thanks for the uplifting words!! Off to check the blogs your recommended!

Michelle said...

HI Cathy!!! Hey I love the banner:)
Isn't it easy???I agree with Jillian about being a professional organizer!stick with it.:)