Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh happy day!

This morning we had the lovely Jill over to do our photos of the six kids together...and of course take some photos of our baby Courtney...

Jillian has put some of the photos up on her blog...take a look here!! I think they are marvelous!

The hardest part was trying to get ALL of the kids ALL at the same time to cooperate and take a sibling shot...I LOVE the outcome lol!

Thanks Jillian! You are the best!!


Irma said...

I love that last picture on the bed...can't get more natural then that...I can just imagine trying to keep Catie and Carolin happy. Good thing Courtney's content huh?!

AmberP said...

Oh my goodness - 40 years from now your little guys are going to look back at that picture with their family and they are going to laugh at how accurate that picture basically captured each and everyone of their personalities!! Beautiful picture... beautufiul photography!!! I think the next time I come down with family we are going to have to see what Jillian can do for us!! :)

Andrea said...

wow she is amazing..I really hope to have pics when a new one she open to the public? lol
you have beautiful kids :)

Cathy said...

Irma: I love the last photo too! IT was a VERY difficult task to get the 6 to how did you get ALL of your family to cooperate lol?? I LOVE your family photo on your blog!

Amber: I couldn't agree more! I hope you do use Jill! She is great, but so are you! You take great photos yourself!

Andrea: Thanks! She is amazing, and yes, she is open to the public!! Google Jillian Kirby Photography and you will find ALL of her details and beautiful shots there too!

LauraC said...

I think that pic of the 6 of them is SO much better than a posed picture! So much more realistic!!!

***********Dawn*********** said...


Love the photos!! What great memories Jillian has created for you all to look back on! I need to get some family portraits taken, the last professional family photo was when Brooke was 2 months old :O


The Besth Blog said...

I want to see more! More!
Beautiful pictures captured by Jillian.
These are for the family wall, right?
(I'm so hiring Jillian!)
Love to everyone.

Irma said...

Just luck...our complete family pictures are pretty scarce. The picture on the blog was taken by a professional photographer that my mother-in-law hired on Thanksgiving day. Katie was giving us a hard time to, but since it's digital he takes quite a few in rapid succession, so you can't see how she is trying to squirm away (-:

Anonymous said...

Hi there cuz. Those are GREAT photos. I can't wait to see more ~ when we finally get together! :-)
I too will definately be hiring Jillian at some point in our life... maybe pregnant or maybe just the 3 of us. :-)
Love to you all;
Andrea xo