Monday, December 03, 2007

Messy Monday

Oh goody, there is my dinner I made in labour on the what?!

The day started out with our son awaking at 5:30 in the morning to watch TV. The next thing to happen was have Catie pee in her bed. So, extra laundry. Just when I just finished 3 loads late last night.

The next thing to happen, Caroline decided she wanted her dinner earty (chili) and dumped half of my frozen chili on the ground. Had to throw that out. What a mess. The next thing to happen was Catie had a massive poop accident. We are talking poop on the carpet in two places, the counter and the two lovely white hand towels from our bathroom. You can guess what I found next. The kids got into Cameron's room and got the Lego and his toys all over while I was feeding Courtney downstairs. It was such a quick feed too. So that yes the poop incident made me late to go get Carly. Catie had all of her bottoms off, I had to wash her bum, and get clothes on her pronto. It amazes me how quickly things can go wrong. In minutes. Carly was the last child picked up. I AM NEVER late. And every day the class gets out late. Today, they got out on time! Go figure. I felt bad...

I now have the smell of poo on my hands, and I cannot get it off. Caroline should be napping right now, because lunch should have been done. I have not even started it. When I finally got the chili taken care of, Carly yells to me and says the toilet is over full. Too much paper in it. So, down to the garage I get to go get the plunger. I plunge the toilet and then I had to clean the toilet.

The time is 11:58 am. What next? Well, let us add to that, another toilet to plunge and another load of laundry and another poo poo accident. It is now 3:31 pm.

OK, I will add another poo accident...and yet ANOTHER toilet to plunge. I think a whole roll went in the toilet downstairs. Took the time to clean it. Yuck.

PS, if you ever have the smell of poop on your hands, pour vinegar on works! Not that I wish that on anybody...


PamnPat'sParadise said...

that sounds like such a crazy day...when one thing goes wrong, they all go wrong!

On to better days I hope.

Allyson said...

Poor Cathy! I'm going to invent something to hold toilet paper!
Wouldn't you know we'd be at the dentist that day. Maybe on second thought, we were the lucky ones!

Irma said...

Yup you got love these kind of feel totally out of control! (-: Then when they are all sleeping at night...ahhh it wasn't that crazy....I'm blowing it way out of proportion. Sure good thing we have sane days too huh?! Take care of yourself Cathy! I think we could relate quite a few similar stories.

AmberP said...

What is with the toilet paper and toilets plugging?!?! We have the same problem for two days now - I HATE plunging... with a passion!!!! I hope that you have a calm weekend with Cliff - is that possible these days?!

And thanks for the poopy-vinegar trick. While i know you don't wish it upon anyone - gaurentee that will happen at some point for me!! Always good to have those ideas on hand!

KelliMarie said...

Cathy, Ive been checking out your blogs and they are awsome. I am really enjoying them and totally can relate. We are having baby number 6 in June. I also have been home since 1999 and we also homeschool our troop. I will be slapping your blog onto my favorites list. Have a merry Christmas.

Yvonne said...

Love your label for this post!!

I HATE those kind of days ... but it is a time to remember!! How can we enjoy the good days to the max without the bad days!

Take Care Cathy!!

ticblog said...

Cathy - Serejane had a special knack for plugging the toilet, too, but with plastic stuff - utensils, cookie cutters, blocks, and once she picked apart an entire leaf boa and flushed it. And yes - it takes milliseconds, not minutes - while you're upstairs stirring the boiling pasta, or step out to throw the garbage on the curb, while you're in the bedroom getting a Kleenex to wipe your nose - and all hell can break loose. I imagine it multiplies exponentially with each additional child, and so I estimate you have it approximately 72% worse than I do with 4 kids lol