Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's the weekend...

Well, it has been a busy weekend, but when is it not lol. We got the very last of the stuffers for the stockings this weekend. I was peeking at the piles and some looked pretty low. So, we decided to bulk up the stocking piles. They will look a lot more full now lol. We made our list for food shopping for Boxing Day and will go out late tonight when the stores are WAY more quiet. We did that last night, and we had NO troubles finding parking or finding open tills that way. I highly recommend it.

Today is a day of doing laundry, and I mean LOTS of laundry. I am up to 8 loads today because today is bed washing day. Lots of bed and cribs mean lots of laundry. The good thing is that all of us have fresh sheets to sleep under tonight. I always appreciate that smell and feel of a nice clean bed.

We have sickos in the house. All of the big kids have coughs and some with runny noses. Our three little girls Caroline, Catie and Courtney are all sick with bad colds, stuffy noses, and some with fevers. Poor Courtney is already experiencing her first big cold at 5 weeks and a few days old. She is so stuffed up that she is having troubles breathing and spits up ALL of her milk and then we change her completely (and me too sometimes lol) I feel badly for her.

I just hope the lot of them feel better for Christmas.

Claire has her first wiggly tooth, and her adult tooth is growing in behind. She says she wants it to fall out Christmas Eve (just like her Mom who yanked her two front teeth out on Christmas Eve from not even wiggly. Mom (aka Cathy) just wanted to sing All I Want for Christmas are my Two Front Teeth...and did I ever! I had the determination, and so does Claire!)

We weighed almost all of the kids today on our new scale as I was curious to see what they weighed. Cameron is 68 lbs, Claire and Carly are 52 and 56 lbs respectively. Catie is 27 lbs and Caroline was 26 lbs. We didn't weigh Courtney.

The three big kids were off to church this morning with Nannie and Pappa to light the Advent candle today, and then off to visit their GG (my Gran). They are still not home and I am sure they are having a lovely visit!

Well, I need to go flip a load of laundry, and start a new load. And the beds are calling me to make them!!

Two more sleeps until Christmas! Then the crazies are over!!

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