Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 2, and the big brother and 4 big sisters come to visit...

It was so good to see the kids, and watch them meet their little sister Courtney for the first time. They all filed in so quietly and carefully. Made my heart just swell up with pride. To see all six of the kids together! My family! My beautiful family.

Here is the big sister Caroline meeting her little sister for the first time...she doesn't look very big for being a big sister, but I know she is going to do an excellent job of it!

I chose one photo to post, as we took a photo of each and every sibling holding Courtney. Why did I choose this one to post? Well, because Carly has told us she was having another sister (and she was right with Caroline and with Courtney) and she was SO very happy to meet Courtney. I just love this photo!

And, a photo of the handsome big brother to his five sisters! I know he will continue to be a wonderful big brother. I love to see how gentle he is with Courtney. He smiles at her so much, and touches her so delicately. It is a wonderful thing to see. He looks so big to me here, but I am sure when I look at this photo 10 years from now, he will look like a little man still. He sure has a big role to play!

And, the new big sister Caroline, who is now figuring out that this baby is here to stay! She loves Courtney and says baby.


Mrs. Merriman said...

Love the pics with the kids.. adorable! And what a keepsake! xo

Allyson said...

What a wonderful first meeting with Courtney and her brother and sisters.
Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler, you did a fine job dressing them up. They look so good.
I remember when I bought that little pink coat at The Gap for Claire, who would have thought that it would still look so good and get so many uses in one "little" family.
It seems to me that Carly is good at guessing, she also got to hold Abby for the first picture, because she was the one to guess "a girl". Way to go Carls!
Your children look so darn sweet. You are blessed. Love Nanny and Pappa xxxooo

AmberP said...

That is so need that Carly guessed both Caroline and Courtney's gender... what a smart little girl with her little motherly instincts already coming to the surface. Those are such wonderful pictures - such fond memories your little gang has created.... imagine the ones to come!?

Mrs. Merriman said...

I wonder what Miss Carly says that I am having then!! xo

PamnPat'sParadise said...

Hey Cathy!!

I talked to Joan on Facebook earlier and she said to say Congratulations! She's gonna have to catch up on your blog and mine - it's been so long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy, your family is very good looking. Great pics! I love newborns especially their little meows.

Yvonne said...

Wow Cathy ... imagine that! 6 kids in so little time. They are beautiful and I wish you all the best in raising your family. It is hard to pick the pics like that ... they each have special meaning!