Monday, November 05, 2007

Perfect day in the park...

We took the kids back to the park yesterday afternoon. We had a sunny day and the time change threw our world for a loop, so we decided a trip outside in the fresh air should do it! And, yes it did. They slept well last night. Thankfully they slept in a bit, and our routine is getting back on track. Caroline awoke at 4:30 am, and Catie at 5:00 am but we were able to get them back to bed until about 6:30 am.
Here is Catie, she is wearing no socks, and moon boots and she had a blast!

Here is Caroline, wearing boots a few sizes too large, and decided wearing socks was way more fun. So, off the boots went and off went Caroline running through the park with pink socks!

Here are our five kids on the teeter-totter at the park. Soon, there will be a partner for Caroline! She had help from Daddy, and the other kids too!

Here is Cameron, he decided to wear shorts and slip on shoes and him and Daddy had a very fun leaf fight! They were running all over the place!

Here is Miss Claire, all decked out in pink and brown! She had a blast at the park!

Here is Carly on the teeter-totter! She loved playing on there with her brother Cameron, but he kept bumping her. So, Claire and Carly partnered up.


LauraC said...

The changing leaves are gorgeous! And what a great way to deal with the time change. I may have to try that out myself.

Kerry said...

I love the way the teeter totter will have a seat for every family member soon enough!

Alyson said...

They grow too fast. I just started reading your blog about a year ago and look at Caroline!!!

Allyson said...

Look at our beautiful Grandchildren. They look like they are having the time of their lives, and oh ya, they were! Beautiful, simply beautiful. xxxxoooo And I agree it will be wonderful for "Cari" to have a partner too. xxxxxxoooooooooo

Tanya said...

Your children are adorable. I love how laid back you are, definitly something I can learn from!

andrea said...

Your kids keep getting cuter, more beautiful and more handsome everyday ~
Beautiful fall photos... lovely family... (glad you are all a part of mine!)
Lots of love, always... Andrea xo