Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Long Weekend Update

Monday night dinner, prepared by my hubby Cliff for all of us. It was really good. The pasta was olive oil, garlic, spinach, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and Asiago cheese. The chicken was Parmesan chicken. We even had garlic bread! It was a hit for the whole family and we even had left overs (even with seconds!!)
Well, after a very hard Friday, my hubby had 3 days off. It was a good weekend. We had crazy stormy weather Saturday, overnight and Sunday morning too. The wind really scared the kids. When they see/hear the wind the assume the power will go out for days like in our last place. Thankfully we seem to be on a different grid and the power stayed on! The power only flickered several times. Many people went without power this weekend. We were extremely grateful for ours.
We have a new stove and a new dishwasher which have been super. Cliff got the bathroom all patched up, and will paint tonight. We have the stuff ready to be installed in there. We got a lot done off of the list. We even got batteries for the car fob and our watches! FINALLY!
Lots of laundry of course, and cleaning and preparing for baby and the arrival which will most likely be next week. Just the upstairs bathrooms, a bit of dusting and the windows again. And, maybe some more vacuuming.
It was a nice weekend.


Allyson said...

Num, num, that looked good! Thank goodness for TV inspiration aye honey. And so happy for your family that your power stayed on-your poor kids are still traumatized from last year, geee I wonder why! Love you our Original.xxx

ticblog said...

Gosh - I can't believe it's already time for that baby to come! I'm glad you had a long weekend to prepare. And if Cliff ever wants to try out his culinary skills on another large-ish family, he's always welcome Chez nous....

Kerry said...

mmmm...looks VERY tasty! Nice job! We're glad our power stayed on here too, seems that all someone has to do is sneeze and the power goes out, but not this time!

Awesome about the stove and dishwasher...ahhh, that new appliance sparkle!

Alyson said...

yup voice is back. I am overwhelmed these days. Going from two to three has been a HUGE change. Is that a multiple thing? or does it keep getting busier?
I get regardless it is busy, but with more kids it just STAYS busy!

Hats off to you tonight for having 6 little people!! ahhhhhhh!