Monday, November 26, 2007

Doctor Appointment Update

Well, we survived our appointment. Courtney made not a peep. Dr. swabbed her eye, and perscribed an ointment for under her arm pit. She is 1 oz shy of her birth weight. So, she is a lean, mean 7 lbs. 7 oz. Usually babies gain back their birth weight within 2 weeks so she is right on track. She is officially 10 days old. The doc will let us know if her eye turns out to be an infection. I am thinking she will be fine.

And, for myself. I have a prescription for my h'roids. YAY!! I also was prescribed a big dose of antibiotics for my Thrombophlebitis in my right leg near my vein. Yup. Vein trouble. I have to take antibiotics now, 4 x's per day. And also take Advil 3 x's per day. My doc drew on my leg around the circular red pattern over my veins. IF it is to grow larger, and outside of the lines I am to get my but back to the doc. He couldn't give me anything stronger because of my breastfeeding. All I can say I have had enough troubles with my veins in the last 10 days. Did I tell you the nurse at the hospital blew out my vein trying to do my IV? Yup. That really hurt. Bad things in threes! Yup.

Thank goodness for vascular surgeons. They are going to have a hay day with me! Cliff took some photos of my veins. I was wondering if I should post them. They might scare you all.

The appointment ended on a good note. My doc is so sweet, and he loves to talk about our family to the nursing staff at the hospital, and to his other patients. He said he was so pleased that he has had the chance to deliver four of our kids. I told him that I was so pleased I have had him deliver our last 4 kids. He is such a special doctor and I am so thankful we have him for the whole family. I gave him a thank you card, and a birthday card.


Dana said...

Glad to hear Courtney is healthy! You must take time to pamper those legs...hope you feel better soon!

Andrea said...

ouch! I know all about thromboplebitis..not good. I hope it gets better for you.
Glad to here all is well with the little one :)

PamnPat'sParadise said...

Get whatever rest you can to help get your leg better...he was right to draw that circle, that can get bad really fast...please keep an extra special eye on it. Your doc is great so I know he's given you everything he can to make sure it doesn't get that far but please be careful with it!

yeah - the pics might be really scary :o)

Kerry said...

Take care of yourself Cathy, hope the meds help with the veins and that you're feeling better soon!

(ps - I think I could handle the photos! lol!)

Momto2princes said...

I hope everything is ok C!