Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Update

My Mom was over today again. Poor Mom. We are wearing her out I think. But she keeps on trucking. Doing my laundry, putting it away. Making my fave soup, making stuff for the kids. Entertaining the kids. Basically doing everything while I sit and do practically nothing. Well, except my duties to Courtney. Anyways, don't expect any blog updates from her for awhile. Right Mom!! We had a good laugh about that. We are really thankful for everything that is for sure. Last night my Mom in Law was over helping me out. Thank goodness for help. Cliff and I really have appreciated it all!

My leg is getting worse I believe. Cliff drew a bigger circle into a different part of my leg. Weird. Anyways. Time for a new photo. I called my doctors office and asked what I should do. We have Caroline and her bladder problem. So far, cranberry juice is helping her. Poor gal has been crying every time she peed. But, she would say poo poo, so we thought maybe constipation. The trouble is that Caroline says poo poo for everything. Turns out it was her pee that was making her do that. Poor little gal. So, hopefully no trips to the clinic this weekend. As for Courtney, well her eye swab came back negative, but is more weepy and goopy than ever. Her little eye is swollen. Maybe it has to get worse to get better. We are riding out the waves on that too.

So, a busy time right now. I find it funny because I am the person who never takes any pills etc. And here I am popping Advil 3x's per day, and then my antibiotics 4x's a day. Did I mention that the pills smell like cat pee?! They are really gross. I gag on them. How many more days left!?

So, I am just trying to rest and keep my leg up. Today, I got an online photo solution from my Mom, and I spent the day in my office organizing all of my photo files! That felt so good!! Yay! I just need to go through the files I made and re-name them. Then, organized to perfection!


AmberP said...

You poor thing - I am worried about you and your leg lovey... take it easy (as I see that you are doing...) tell your mom I am going to continue to stalk her blog until I see an update;) lol...

I hope Miss Caroline starts feeling better soon too... poor baby girl!! Marcus and his awful teething, Caroline and her poo-poo! *Hugs* to you!

Allyson said...

I may be weary, but I'm bouncing back for more tomorrow! Don't hold your breath Amber darlin', this old Nanny is really looking and acting her age this past week-ha ha. Anyway I told Cathy when I actually have time to write one, she will be forbidden to ready it. Yup, we've got Cameron saluting his mom and saying yes, mam, life is good.
And I'll be watching the leg tomorrow too, you can count on it.
We hope Marcus' teething will subside soon too Amber.
Love, one very tired out Nanny! It's the early mornings that are killing me.

Alyson said...

resting and taking care of yourself is not nothing!! you just grew a human in your Don't feel guilty. I'm glad your mom is able to be there for you and I bet she is happy to help you out.

Anonymous said...

Grammas are great, n'est pas? My Mom is still helping out my sister with her three kids now and then and Mom is pushing 80!

Take good care of yourself Cathy.

Kerry said...

Poor you Cathy, I really hope that leg gets taken care of so you can get back up to supermom status again!

And there's nothing like a good organization session to make you feel human again, yay!

PamnPat'sParadise said...

That leg doesn't sound good at all Cathy - I think another trip to the doc is in order and possibly a doppler test on it as well...just to be on the safe side. Your doc is awesome - I'm sure he'll take great care of you!

Yay to Nanny!!! Your mom is amazing, awesome and inspirational. Where would we be without our mothers!