Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hump Day

My Mom has been with me for a few days. Arriving just in time to take the kids to school, and stays long enough to do all of the pick ups. And, doing a whole bunch in-between the day!
I am so thankful for her care. And for the all of the laundry she has been doing, making a dinner, lunch, snack or tea here and there. I am thankful for that gift. I think I would be fine without her here, but I am happy to be resting my sore vein leg. It doesn't appear any better or worse. I am hoping my leg will get better soon. I am thankful my Mom will be here for a couple of more days. I am hoping this pain and swelling goes away.

Yesterday I was able to start Courtney's baby calendar, write all the important days on my daily calendar. And just get a little bit more organized. I was feeling kinda EEEEKKKKK!!!

Last night, was a long one. Courtney wouldn't settle in (wondering if it was from garlic? maybe not?) Anyways. I fed her, well I tried and off to sleep she went at 1:00 am. Only to just shut my eyes. And there goes a crying Caroline, and a calling out Carly who had to make a late bathroom break. Then, guess who woke up AGAIN. Yup. Courtney. Triple the trouble last night. And, then the alarm went off at 6 this morning. I can say I am officially sleep deprived. But, I know this stage does not last forever. I am trying to enjoy every moment. Regardless.

Courtney got a bath this morning in the sink. Nannie took some cute photos of her And we dressed her in a sweet little nightie from Aunty Amy. And, I think Miss Courtney is growing out of her newborn diapers already. Last night, I noticed when I was feeding her that her diaper was open. Thankfully her diaper did not leak. So, that figures eh! I just opened a package of newborn size diapers this morning. I may just have to give them to my friend Lisa (you know same family, pregnant STILL with her 6th) who is due today. I hope she has her baby soon! I want to know if Lisa will make a girl playmate for Courtney.

Anyways. I smell poop. I need to go change a diaper.


***********Dawn*********** said...


Thank heavens for your wonderful Mom!! You are truly blessed to have such a close-knit family. I am sorry that the "triplets" disturbed your much needed sleep. I sure hope your leg is feeling better soon. Does this situation push you up on the waiting list for vascular surgery? While looking at Courtney's pictures I wondered if she resembles Claire or Carly as a baby, or any other family member?


Alyson said...

Hey sister...I'm feeling the sleep deprivation with y'a! Peyton is still up two to three times a night, and I've been up since 5am.
hrmph.....choosing joy...choosingjoy.

Yvonne said...

How is it changing a newborn diaper? .... I always find it soooo small especially comparing to the other one you change!

She is beautiful Cathy enjoy this stage (as hard as it can be!) it goes away soooo fast!

Rest up those legs Girl!!! You kinda need them!

Cathy said...

Dawn: I am not sure who Courtney looks like. I am at some point going to pull out the photo albums and scan and put up on the blog for all to see! Then you can decide! I can't have my surgery until I am finished with breastfeeding, but hopefully yes, that would be good!

Alyson: I wrote Choose Joy on my chalkboard for all to see! I am doing just that! Party at 2 am?!

Yvonne: I cannot believe how tiny the newborn diapers are!! Soooo small, yes especially when changing Caroline's diaper!