Friday, November 09, 2007

Survival Mode

Today, I had to be on survival mode. Being that tomorrow I enter my 9th month of pregnancy, I feel I have done rather well. Today, I had all 5 kids home on a pro-d day and cooped up inside because of the rainy weather.

Today, my dishwasher gave out and we need a new one. So, today I get a brand new dishwasher and a new range. Just in time for the new baby, and for the holiday season. We have been having issues with the appliances since we moved in. So, that is good.

It has been a day, but soon it will be all over and thankfully my dear hubby will be home for three days. I SOOO need those three days so I can get some much needed help!

I had woken up today with the intent to have a great day no matter what, but it didn't pan out that way. I have accepted that. I have been quite grouchy and moody. I have horror mones to thank for those foul points.


Mrs. Merriman said...

Ok.. too ironic. Our dishwasher today started to leak water all over the floor, Mike took it apart only to discover that he doesn't know where it is leaking LOL! One more thing..

Hang in there chickie :D

AmberP said...

*Hugsssss* my dear Cathy. I wish I could come down there and help out in this last month of pregnancy. I hate those days that just don't quite work the way we were hoping.... enjoy your weekend with your hubby:)

Alyson said...

Just is my birthday and I'm wearing a pink ribbon exclaiming you can only be in a good mood :)

It is MY birthday so you must listen to me!!!!

Kerry said...

Horror mones, LOL! Love that. Keep thinking of all the things you have to look forward to in December!

Anonymous said...

I think you've done very well considering what you deal with on a daily basis - kids and pregnancy. You're a good Mom.

Horror mones ... that's good. I haven't heard that one before.