Monday, May 05, 2008

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled program...

Well, for the first time ever, my darling little baby girl Courtney is down for a morning nap. Yes, she is down for a morning NAP! Do you know how many months I have been waiting for this moment to happen?! Well. She is doing it right now. The house is so quiet, and my arms are FREE! Free! So, what did I do? Well, I first folded some laundry, and then of course I had to blog about this!

Courtney is FINALLY getting into her crib at a regular time, with very little to no crying when she goes in there. She as you know, shares a room with her two big sisters Catie and Caroline. They are so cute in their room all lined up in a row! Last night, well Courtney went down a bit later, but on the whole she is getting down to bed (without breastfeeding her to sleep) around 9 pm consistantly for the past week. But last night was closer to 11 pm. But, I am thinking she is about to start her six month growth spurt. So, I forgive her ;D

Things are moving ahead in the right direction and I am starting to get some sanity back which feels really amazing. I have had enough sleep deprived 'mommy brain' for the past 8+ years of motherhood. I am ready for things to move on and move forward.

Time like this remind me that things will get easier, or maybe just my challenges will be different. I am ready for different. I think.

I feel like I am returning to myself. I am returning to my regularly scheduled program. And wow, that feels good!


Allyson said...

Kudos to Coco! So good to hear about the earlier to bed without nursing Cathy. That's a huge step. I'm loving your newfound freedom-as in arms! xxxxooo

Yvonne said...

Look to the future Cathy! Whether easier or different or both it is the cycle of life and we need to enjoy each time for what it is (although much easier said then done!!)Enjoy your six beautiful children!