Thursday, May 15, 2008

Six Months Tomorrow!

Our rolly polly Coconut is going to be six months old tomorrow.
Where does six months go? Just like that, she is rolling around, practically sitting, grabbing at my hair, pulling at my clothes, and grabbing my yogurt spoon and moving the spoon to her mouth to try to eat!
Looks like it is time to get you in the 'big girl' high chair and start with your rice cereal. I know there are five helpers that will be GLAD to feed you! Maybe then I can take out the camera and get some 'first food' shots hey little one!
I still find it hard to believe that six months ago you were happily inside of me, kicking me and tickling my insides. And now, you are out here, and full of smiles that show off your dimples. You have really made our lives so much richer dear Courtney. Oh how we love you. Six months until we celebrate your first birthday! I am going to enjoy every moment of you. I feel sad knowing this will be the last time we have a 'baby' in the house. But, I do know you will be our forever baby even when you are 36!
Love you beautiful one...


Allyson said...

6 months today, a half a year, a little darling, who just lays in wait to smile at you! Happy first half birthday little Coco! We love you so. xxxooo

tic blog said...

I keep telling Serejane that even when she's 40 she'll still be the baby. She doesn't get it, and had the gall to ask when she was going to be a big sister. After stating that under no circumstances did I see me having another child, she set me straight: apparently she plans on birthing it herself. "I don't want to me a Mom. Just a big sister."

How does Courtney like solids?

Cathy said...

Hope, I copied and pasted your comment from my comments in my email!

Serejane is so adorable, and I love her comments! Just a big sister LOL!

Courtey has not tried solids to date LOL! I plan on it soon LOL!