Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day - Hey a day just for me?!

I remember asking my Mom when I was little why kids never got a 'special day.' And my Mom responded to me 'because every day is a kids day!' Ain't that the truth! Every day is kids day! Couldn't ring more true today! Or how well that statement fits into my life!

Anyways! It is first thing in the morning of Mothers Day. I am tired after a night out with my hubby. But, I wanted to wish all of the Mom's and soon to be Mom's a happy Mothers Day today. I hope you all enjoy your day doing whatever the heck you want to do! (but that never seems to happen does it?!) Oh well. We found some neat motherhood magnetic poetry that I am excited to try out on the fridge, and some really funny postcards! I will have to scan and share! I am going to scan them and post them when I am having 'a day!!' they are really funny! I was cracking up in Wendels tonight! Just laughing my head off! Perhaps it was the bellini or two I had at Milestones?

I know our kids are REALLY excited about tomorrow. I know the three big kids have gifts waiting for me for tomorrow morning. I am excited to see their treasures they have created at school. I am excited to get kisses and hugs from six treasures in my life.

I told Cliff tonight that I am going to have a room just for all of the little treasures I will receive each year!

My wish for all of you is to enjoy your day, and hopefully take a bit of time to do something just for you! And for all of the new Moms out there! Hold those babies tight and kiss them OFTEN! They grow up WAY TOOOOO fast.

I am HOPING to get out for a run tomorrow morning (well in about 8 hours really) but I will have to see what the morning has in store for me. I need to burn off the goodies I had tonight! Delish!

Happy Mothers Day!

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