Friday, May 02, 2008

Caroline's Birthday {two}

{TWO} and trying to put two fingers up for two!!

Well, it is another birthday in our house today. When you have a large family, there are always birthday celebrations. Today, Caroline Mae turns two (officially at 6:12 pm tonight) and we can hardly believe how fast the year went from her very FIRST birthday, let alone from her birth! Amazingly fast.
She was born in my favourite month, the merry month of May. She was born into our family as 'child number 5' but to us she is more than just a number, she is our sweet daughter who has become a very fabulous addition to the family! Her pregnancy brought a lot of worry into our lives, but afterwards when she was born she fought her odds and had a very minor problem instead of major. We are forever blessed by Caroline Mae. She used to kick in my tummy when 'Sweet Caroline' came on TV or the radio. I knew she would be a sweet little girl!

She continues to be our sweet girl. She is very entertaining, makes us laugh, talks A LOT, she is LOUD, she is polite and she uses her manners! She dances, she hops and she gives us the biggest smiles. The smiles show off her beautiful dimple and then her big brown eyes sparkle. A little dream girl she is!

And yes, she is entering the 'terrible two's' but so what...we know she will grow out of them (EVENTUALLY) and until then we just enjoy her as she grows up to be an independent responsible girl! And we try to laugh (secretly) at the not so fun parts of the 2 year. Laughter seems to be the best medicine, especially after our fifth crack at the two's! We don't think it has become easier to have a two year old in the home, but we have figured out how to 'enjoy' this phase rather than fight it! We praise the good, and try our HARDEST to ignore the not so good! But sometimes those tantrums and dramatics can be pretty funny. So funny that we have to walk away and laugh.

So Caroline, our sweet little daughter. You light up our lives, and you are the apple of our eye! May you have a year that is most terrific and we cannot wait to have a piece of pink cake with you!

We love you little Caroline. Stay little and keep on patting our back and hugging us OK! We will never tire of the love you give us all. You are super!


AmberP said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!!! You are such a sweet little girl... cannot wait to see you again soon :D

Kerry said...

She's grown into such a sweet little toddler, awwww! Happy Birthday!

Jillian Kirby said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! I can't imagine a cuter, sweeter little two year old to share the day with!! :)

The Hoegler Family said...

I hope you had a great day.

Love from Hege

ticblog said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Caroline!