Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where did the week go?

I have really been behind on my blog. The puke and runs have left the building! The puke bucket is put away, and I am ready to throw out the area rug in our family room. It is the WORST looking rug I have seen! What was I thinking when I thought cream coloured would be fine? Well, it actually did really well up until this year.

I have been slowly purging stuff from every room. I switched out the winter clothes to spring and summer. I have organized my calendar for the next month, I actually got the toy cabinet (extra stuff) and the craft cabinet in the laundry room is 100 percent better! I feel really happy about that. (see I can shut down the organizing blog, but you cannot stop me from organizing LOL) I have a bag of clothing for drop offs to charity etc. Feels great. I think I am still 'One Organized Chick' but I had to let that go for a bit with having another newborn in the house. But, as Courtney grows, the easier it is for me now that she is consistantly sleeping through the night. Oh yeah! Oh yes!! Usually from 9 pm to atleast 7 am or later! That means more 'free time' for Cliff and I in the evenings and we finally have a baby free bed since getting the crib assembled and into the little girls' room. I love it! Life is good!

Next will be getting the family room stuff organized, but that will take a trip to IKEA. I am excited to FINALLY come up with a solution for the kids' school stuff. My answer to be revealed later, and I will take a photo of it! This room is finally going to come together. I have found it takes time to 'live' in a new place and 'feel' it and then make decisions on all facets of the home. From decorating to organizing. I will be glad to get things finally feeling 'settled.' I still want to paint, but that won't happen any time soon.

Monday, I got out for a long run by myself. Went for about 10K. It was nice and relaxing, Tuesday I got out for a coffee (or two) at the local Starbucks with my awesome cuz Andrea. We had a great visit, and just nice to catch up after 2 years (and we live in the same town - our bad LOL) But, when we get together it is like no time has passed. I love that about family.

Wednesday was yesterday. We had our nachos, poppyseed loaf cake AND chocolate and FINALLY watched some American Idol. That was nice.

And that then it is today. It is already Thursday and I have had a busy week. It feels as if the sun will never shine AGAIN...the weather-person keeps saying 30 degree weather for the next three days. I am not sure this will happen. It feels like March weather still, and I am not loving that. As I am typing this, the sun is brightening up my monitor, the kids are playing in the yard and one is napping. It is all good. Tonight I am going to head out with my Mom (in-law) for dinner and some shopping. Looking forward to that.

Then, tomorrow. Our baby Courtney will be six months old. She is ready to start rice cereal, and so I guess on the long weekend we will try! Tomorrow night, out for dinner with friends!

Then, lots of activity over the weekend, and if the weather is good. A parade on Monday!

We have a LONG weekend coming up, but they go too fast. I am just happy that all eight of us can be together and enjoy each other. That is a good thing! That is what family is all about!

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