Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flowers for me

This morning my daughter whom we lovingly call our 'Carlyflower' decided to give me some flowers. Well, they were not really flowers but really pretty weeds and she even got the vase out for me. They are sitting on the mantle in a prominent spot so I can see them when I am feeding Courtney. I love those simple gifts of love.

Last night I managed to tidy up my whole office (I know most of you who know me think that my office was clean and organized!) because there were so many new items and such that needed to grouped, placed and put away. So I did that. And finished up around 1:00 am. Still had troubles sleeping even after organizing. Usually that feels really good. Like a good ahhhhhh or a deep breath. Or a good sigh, or like after a good cry. Just lately there has just been too many things on my mind. Like life with the business of six kids, a sick FIL a sad MIL and all of that jazz. And, dirty toilets, and dirty walls. The house felt like it needed some TLC. So it got it...feels good now. I did eventually fall asleep. And when Courtney decided to wake up at 3:45 am made me just a bit on the sleep deprived. Thankfully a quick feed and we both fell asleep. Only to be awoken by the alarm clock just after six this morning. After a quick shower I was refreshed and ready to start the day.

I had a bit of an issue with my three year old this morning in the van. You know when kids scream and cry at the top of their lungs so that the whole world can hear them?! Well, yes. My darling Catie decided to do that at school with the van door open in the school parking lot. Allowing all of the moms to hear her LOVELY voice. Oh, and did they hear it. Oh boy. I got some sympathetic glances and nods. I just shut the van door on her after I talked to her about the incident. (being she threw her treat gummies--two of them because she wanted the whole package.) I split up a package of fruit gummies between the three girls. She was not happy about sharing with Caroline and Carly. But she settled in after I found one of them and gave it back to her after she settled. The other gummy is MIA. I am sure Caroline will find it and eat it next time she is in the van :D

That was one of those embarrassing don't want your friends and family to see kind of moments LOL. Well, at least they all know my life is pretty real and just like everybody else. Just the fact that when they all scream at the top of their lungs it is VERY loud...LOL. Louder than any of you out there reading this would care to hear! Bring earplugs! And a sense of humour.

Humour is needed in times like these!


FunkyMomma said...

Oh Cathy, I had a moment like that in Zellers today. Not pretty.
Is there a full moon? Ugh.

Susanna said...

I can add a beautiful moment to top your day Cathy! I was listening to the radio getting ready for work this morning, and guess what came on??? Neil Diamond's "Rock me Baby"....it brought back beautiful memories of Coco's birth montage, and I started to cry!!! I LOVE that song, and each time I have heard it since seeing the birth montage I think of you guys!!

Kerry said...

I'm with you on the organizing part! It's like you have a clear head after you do a really good session. :)

Kerry said...

I'm with you on the organizing part! It's like you have a clear head after you do a really good session. :)

Yvonne said...

Unfortunately humor is not always present at these incidents and all you want to do is crawl in a box or simply cry!!!

ticblog said...

It sucks when the kids are easily identifiable as your own. At least when it happens at the mall you can walk a few feet away, feign confusion and say to the salesladies at the jewelry counter, "God, I feel sorry for THAT kid's mother..."