Thursday, May 22, 2008

It was a crazy day

Found poopy undies on the floor

A bum rash that requires quite a bit of cream

Seemed that all of the diaper changes today were doubled up with both girls needing changes at the same time, and of course RIGHT before having to leave to do drop offs or pick ups!

We had one scraped ankle, that required a bandaid

One cup of water spilled into the keyboard today (good opportunity to clean it out!)

Water spill on OF COURSE a soft covered chair!!

Yogurt lid wrappers stuck to the tile floor in the kitchen

One forgotten library book on the playground that required a second trip back to the school to find it!

One set of hair rollers in and then out! (Velcro for my divas LOL) 'Can't wear rollers to school Mom!' OK then! LOL

Watching my son CLIMB onto a big net on the school ground (can you say heart attack!!!)

A bumped knee on the trampoline

And get this...THE KICKER: I was called 'mean' this morning by one of my I mean? Oh the fun begins having all of these girls in the house LOL! (this was not to my face, but yet tattled to me by another daughter LOL!)


Smiley Eyes Photography said...

However do you do it girl ?

Cathy said...

I do things one moment at a time...if I think too far ahead it becomes much too upsetting LOL!

ticblog said...

Wait'll ya get, "I hate you!" It only hurts the first time. Then you learn to stick your tonigue out at your kids and say, "I hate you back, times infinity."

(I'm sure that method isn't suggested let alone condoned in any of the parenting books but it makes us all laugh and feel instantly better... lol)